About Me

Daniel is a high school graduate that attended East Career and Technical Academy in the Clark County School District. He was in the electronics program offered and has gained a wide variety of knowledge surrounding the subject, from the very basic level of electrical components to soldering them together on a pcb board to make a fully functional circuit. Daniel shows a passion for electronics and is always willing to learn how any piece of electronics works, whether it is old technology or new technology. He also has a true interest for automobiles and mechanics. Daniel has taken some of the most challenging courses available to him including multiple honors and AP courses. At the tech school, they have six tenets they followed which were: content knowledge, technology skills, problem solving, presentation skills, collaboration and written communication skills. He has improved vastly within these skills that have helped him with everyday tasks, and are for sure to help him in the future as well.

Daniel currently attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to major in the electrical engineering.